Health empowerment resources

When you understand health information and services, you can take better care of your own health and wellness. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of health empowerment resources to support your health literacy.

What is health literacy?

Trusted sources

With the wealth of resources available on the internet, it’s hard to know which sources you should trust. Learn more about finding trusted sources of health information and how to evaluate a source to determine if it’s legitimate.

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Saskatchewan healthcare

The Canadian healthcare system can be challenging to navigate, especially considering the differences between provinces. Find resources about how to navigate the Saskatchewan healthcare system effectively and advocate for your own health.

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Mental health

Mental health is complicated, and there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to managing it. Check out some of our recommendations to take steps toward a healthy mind.

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Healthy you

Tips and tricks for wellness and self care, healthy recipes, health practitioners you should try and more — these resources will help empower you on your journey to whole health and wellness.

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Build your knowledge

Explore topics to help you make decisions about the insurance you need.

Wellness Weekly

Visit our blog for wellness tips, travel information, and health insurance advice.

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Answers to your questions about insurance coverage, managing your plan, and more.